Eliminate germs and bacteria and break the cycle of infection.

Biosecurity Product Range

Specially designed to quickly eliminate bacteria

HiCare Biosecurity products are specially designed to quickly and easily eliminate the bacteria, spores, yeasts, viruses and pathogens which accumulate anywhere human beings congregate.

Powerful, yet non-toxic, these products are suitable for use in facilities of any size, and make biosecurity possible for everything and everyone.

Our hospital-grade and highly specialised biocidal disinfectant cleaners treat and destroy pathogens at their source; in fact, our formula is proven to kill 99.9999% of pathogens within seconds of contact.

Reactive Barrier Technology

It doesn’t end there though. Our Reactive Barrier Technology provides an optional sustained release system which can turn on an invisible barrier, providing sustained protection against the pathogens for up to seven days following application.

To switch the Reactive Barrier Technology on, simply allow the solution to dry. To turn the Reactive Barrier Technology off, wipe the area down with water after you’ve applied it.

Independently proven results

To test the strength of Reactive Barrier Technology our formulation was tested by an independent laboratory. The solution was applied to a stainless steel slide which had been infected with spores, fungi and bacteria. Once the slide dried, further bacteria, spores and fungi were applied. Following a one minute wait the surface was swabbed with a dry, sterile swab which was then analysed. Everything was dead. The same test was the repeated after 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and then 72 hours, returning the same results at every interval.

The benefits of using HiCare Health’s Biosecurity Wipes:

Prevent further re-infection

Reactive Barrier Technology

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Quick and easy to use

100% organic

Non toxic

Biosecurity solutions for everyone

Treat & destroy 99.9999% of pathogens

Would you like to develop your own range of biosecurity products featuring our highly effective formulation? HiCare Health also offers private label manufacturing.