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We truly care about your health and wellbeing

Our Story…

Proudly Australian owned, HiCare Health has been providing specialist waterless bathing and cleaning solutions for use in a wide range of industries since 1998.

We are committed to providing facilities and individuals with products of the very highest quality and integrity, and the best health outcomes. Each and every one of our products has been exhaustively and independently tested to ensure their fitness for purpose.

Everything we do is aimed at making a positive difference to the care of the unwell, the distressed, the aged, and those affected by disaster.


Quality assurance

Samples from every batch of our products are rigorously tested in our Sydney laboratory. Each undergoes repeated quality assurance (QA) controlled testing, including pH and a full micro study, to ensure their compliance to our high specifications.

Since we launched our range in 1998, our laboratory tests have never reported a manufacturing specification noncompliance, meaning you can use our products with absolute confidence in our manufacturing consistency and quality.

HiCare Health waterless bathing products


Our sole focus is the development, production and distribution of innovative high dependency hygiene and cleaning products.

We are committed to ensuring all our products are of the highest quality and integrity, and are exhaustively independently tested to ensure their fitness for purpose.

In doing so, our aim is to make a positive difference to the care of the unwell, distressed, the aged in the community, and those affected by disaster.


We take a proactive, responsible and continuous improvement approach to the health and safety of our workers and supply chain, protection of the environment, and the quality of the products we develop and produce.

Accordingly, we have policies in place to ensure sustainability of our workers and supply chain, the environment and the market and clients we service, and that meet the requirements of the relevant international standards, namely: OHS System AS/NZS 4801 & OHSAS 18001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, and Quality System ISO 9001.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to:

  • providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors, and
  • striving for continuous improvement in occupational health & safety performance.

This requires the active participation of everybody who is directly or indirectly involved in the company and includes identifying things that could potentially cause occupational health & safety problems then taking appropriate action before the problem eventuates.

Environmental Policy

HiCare Health is committed to achieving a positive impact on the environment. We are proud of the positive environmental impact of our products, which enable our customers to improve the well-being of the unwell and aged.

We are committed to continuing to develop products that minimise and in time eliminate negative environmental impacts.

Quality Policy

HiCare Health is committed to satisfying the expectations of our customers, shareholders and employees with a focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

Why choose HiCare Health?

Nurturing products which improve the comfort and wellness of the user

Quick and efficient bathing solution

Our products maintain the dignity of the patient or user

No water, basin or soap is required

Our products do not promote microbial growth, helping to stop the spread of disease

Bathing time is dramatically reduced

Cost-effective solutions

Our formulas are pH balanced, and alcohol, soap and latex free

Moisturisers and emollients in our unique formula leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed