HiCare Health's Leisure Waterless Shampoo

HiCare Leisure Shampoo

Waterless Shampoo

There’s nothing worse than when you desperately need to wash your hair and it’s just not possible! Dry shampoo can lead to build up of microbes on your scalp which then cause itching, flaking and inflammation, as well as throwing out your hair’s natural oil balance. HiCare’s Leisure Shampoo leaves your hair clean and fresh without the need for water or dry shampoo.

Where to use Leisure Shampoo

Leisure Shampoo eliminates the need for water so your hair can be clean while you’re outdoors doing the things you love such as:

  • Hiking
  • Camping and Caravanning
  • Boating and Fishing
  • During a long-haul flight
  • On a long distance road trip.

How to use Leisure Shampoo

Simply depress the pump to dispense the shampoo foam into your hand and them massage through until your hair is wet. Once you’ve massaged the product into your hair completely, simply comb or brush your hair to evenly distribute and either towel dry or dry naturally. There’s no need to rinse your hair after you have applied the product; it truly is waterless!

Each 60ml pump pack provides up to 6 washes for shoulder length hair. The packs have a resealable lid so it’s easy to take with you regardless of where you are going. Better still, our Leisure Shampoo bottles are fully recyclable making them twice as environmentally friendly.

Cleansing and nourishing ingredients

HiCare Leisure Shampoo contains a surfactant cleanser which removes all the perspiration, oil and sweat from your hair and restores it to it’s natural pH levels.

Leisure Shampoo doesn’t just clean your hair but our unique formula contains Keratin which helps to rejuvenate the hair follicles and keep it strong and healthy.

The benefits of using HiCare’s Leisure Shampoo:

Removes dirt, oil and perspiration

Contains Keratin to nourish hair follicles

Cleans hair with no water required

Available in resealable 60ml pump packs

pH balanced

Alcohol and soap free

Australian owned

Formulated in our Sydney laboratory

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