Improve the health and wellness of patients.


Remove germs and break the cycle of infection.


Waterless bathing solution to stay clean outdoors.

Early Learning

Specially formulated for the childcare industry.

Private Label

Launch your own range of wet wipe products.

Remove germs and improve health and wellness.

HiCare Health is proud to create superior waterless bathing, personal and facility hygiene products, specifically designed with your health and wellness in mind.

Our products are Australian developed and formulated, and feature unique formulas which help to improve the health and care standards in a variety of industries.


You can rest assured each and every one of our products has been rigorously tested, and provides the very best possible benefits and outcomes for the end-user.

Superior waterless bathing, personal and facility hygiene solutions which are better for you.

HiCare Health has been setting the standard in waterless bathing, personal and facility hygiene solutions for use in hospitals, aged care, nurseries, early learning, disaster relief and more since 1998.

Our healthcare products have been developed following independent testing which found that frequent baths and the use of soaps with high pH levels cause the loss of lipids from our skin, which increases the risk of dry skin damage and pressure ulcers. For bed-bound patients who are unable to bathe themselves, the build-up of soap on their skin can create a haven for the growth of bacteria, and can lead to further discomfort and health issues.

Our pH balanced, alcohol, soap and latex free formula cleans, restores and protects even the most delicate skin, and does not promote microbial growth. With mild and unique ingredients including moisturisers and emollients to nourish the skin, our disposable wipes are the perfect, gentle product for even the most sensitive skin types. Our products can be used warmed or chilled to provide further comfort to patients.

The range has expanded and also includes waterless shampoo, facilities products as well as travel and leisure products. We also private label manufacture a wide range of products for healthcare, retail, commercial and industrial use. Please contact us today for more information.