HiCare Early Learning

Premium nursery wipes

HiCare Health Early Learning offers specially formulated wipes specifically designed for the childcare industry. Comfort Soft, premium nursery wipes are an absolute must-have product with superior quality and proven cost savings, they are an excellent choice for your facility.

Better outcomes with HiCare Early Learning nursery wipes

Strength and thickness – Used as a tool to conveniently scoop up mess as well as absorb, we agree with parents and educators who view thickness as one of the most important factors in shaping overall product satisfaction.

Moisture and effectiveness – Effectiveness is largely determined by how moist the wipes are, as well as how well they fulfill the task of cleaning up the mess. Thick, moist wipes with a nurturing formulation, result in less physical contact and better user experience for staff.

Reduction in discomfort – Dry wipes can cause nappy rash in sensitive areas leading to discomfort. A reduction in nappy rash means better outcomes
for baby, which in turn leads to happier parents and a positive reflection on centre.

Ease of use and dispensing – No need to wrestle the baby while trying to open the pack, as you can easily pull wipes out with one hand when required. Packaging is designed for ease of use and to retain moisture with a handy resealable snap lock lid.

Fragrance free – Developed for a high volume commercial environment with no scent and a hypoallergenic formulation.

Value for money – Using a higher quality product means less wipes per nappy change and reduced overall volume. These wipes have been specifically developed for the Early Learning industry wholesale corporate market, which is reflected in the competitive pricing structure.

Quality construction and ingredients

We aim to deliver the same high quality experience that parents experience at home within an early learning environment. Our specialty nursery wipes ensure a best practice product for every nappy change. You can rest assured as HiCare Early Learning wipes:

  • do not contain numerous parabens and harsh toxins
  • do not contain Methylchloroisothiazolinone (a known skin irritant and trademarked as Kathon to hide the ingredient)
  • are thick and durable meaning they do not tear easily and less wipes are required per nappy change
  • include a secure snap lock lid to prevent drying out
  • have been dermatologically tested, pH tested and balanced meaning they are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Corporate pack design

We offer company branded products that include your logo and corporate design for brand consistency throughout centre.

Choosing HiCare Early Learning nursery wipes, shows parents you really care about their child by using a best practice product.

The benefits of using HiCare’s Comfort Soft nursery wipes:

Thicker, softer and larger than standard baby wipes

Hypoallergenic and fragrance free

High quality product meaning more value for money

No harsh chemicals and dermatologically tested

Handy snap lock lid to prevent drying

No alcohol, chlorine, soap, parabens, sulphates or petrochemicals

Enriched with chamomile, aloe vera and vitamin E

Using safer products shows parents you truly care about their child

Option to include centre branding for consistency

Australian owned

Further Documentation regarding HiCare’s Comfort Soft nursery wipes: