Early Learning

Specially formulated nursery wipes specifically for the Early Learning industry


Early Learning Product Range

Laboratory & dermatologically tested

Stringent lab and dermatological testing has proven our Early Learning products both cleanse and nourish, leaving skin feeling clean and fresh after every use.

Modern research has shown that many baby wipes can have negative impacts on the health of children, babies and educators and suggests that there are links between dry skin issues such as dermatitis and nappy rash.

Comfort Soft nursery wipes are safe to use on babies and young children with sensitive skin and have been developed specifically for the Early Learning industry.

Corporate pack design

Customised packaging option to include corporate branding and colours creating a consistent and cohesive look and feel throughout the centre.

Comfort Soft wipes are also biodegradable keeping aligned with corporate responsibility and green initiatives.

Choose a premium product at a competitive price point that results in less wipes being required per change resulting in reduced overall spend.

Trust the experts

Our expertise has matured from over 20 years of intensive experience in the development, manufacture and marketing of disposable high dependency hygiene products.

Much of our focus and experience has been with high dependency (clinical) healthcare products where recipients may be critically ill. This provides us with the unique experience to be able to undertake product development on behalf of others, at all integrity and quality levels that are fit for purpose for their respective markets.

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