Industries & Markets

Our specialised products provide solutions across a range of industries

Our waterless bathing, biosecurity and cleaning products have numerous applications across a wide range of industries. See below for more information on each of our product categories.

Healthcare Products

HiCare Health's healthcare products

Our personal hygiene products, including HiCare Bath, HiCare EcoBath, and HiCare Waterless Shampoo, cleanse and nourish the skin without spreading or promoting microbial growth.

The unique formulations in our products are pH balanced, alcohol free, and do not require any water for use. They can also save facilities up to 50% in both the time and cost of bed bathing.

These properties make HiCare Health’s personal hygiene products perfect for use in:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Surgeries
  • Defence
  • Disaster relief
  • Aged care facilities
  • Palliative care facilities
  • Home care facilities
  • And more.

Biosecurity Products

HiCare Health's biosecurity products

Our biosecurity products make biosecurity possible for everything and everyone.

Anywhere large groups of humans congregate, it is inevitable that pathogens accumulate. Some of these pathogens are just unpleasant, some are highly dangerous. Our facility hygiene products kill 99.9999% of pathogens at their source, and protect from re-infection for up to a week afterwards.

These products are excellent for use in locations such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Ports
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Disaster relief
  • Defence
  • And more.

Leisure Products

HiCare Health's LeisureBath products

Our Leisure waterless bathing products are the perfect travel and leisure lover’s companion, no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing.

HiCare Health’s travel and leisure products include LeisureBath waterless wipes, and Leisure Shampoo. Highly effective and hygienic, these products are the perfect way to keep yourself refreshed on the run, while taking great care of your skin. You can use them when you’re:

  • Flying
  • Driving
  • Boating
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Caravanning
  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Hiking or Trekking
  • Biking
  • And more.

Private Label

HiCare Health's private Label products

Our private label products are developed to specifically meet your unique requirements, making them ideal for any industry.

Whether you have a your own product and branding in mind, or you’d simply like a private labelled product, we can help you make your dream a reality.

Some examples include:

  • Biosecurity
  • Baby care
  • Car care
  • Community facilities
  • Cosmetic purposes
  • Gymnasiums
  • Home care
  • Workshops
  • Industrial facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • The opportunities are endless!