Because sometimes it’s not possible to bath when you’re out & about

Leisure Product Range


Many of the competitor products we’ve encountered over the years feature thin and flimsy wipes, but our LeisureBath wipes feature luxuriously thick non-woven fabric which won’t tear or disintegrate as you bathe. They’re also considerably larger and moister than baby wipes.

The soap-free cleanser in our wipes won’t leave a sticky residue on your skin, and they feature skin-nourishing products which negate the need for moisturiser afterwards. Our unique formula also features minimal chemical preservatives, is pH balanced, and contains no alcohol, soap or latex.

Leisure Shampoo

Our Leisure Shampoo doesn’t just clean your hair without the need for water; it’s also infused with nourishing Keratin which rejuvenates your hair follicles. pH neutral, our Leisure Shampoo quickly and easily removes oil, dirt and perspiration from your hair in just one application.

Once you’ve applied our Leisure Shampoo, you don’t need to rinse; simply dry and style as normal.

Laboratory and dermatologically tested

Stringent lab and dermatological testing has proven our leisure products both cleanse and nourish, leaving your skin and hair feeling clean and refreshed without the need for soap or water.

They’re also safe for use by children, and those with sensitive skin.

The superior choice

Thanks to our quality materials, unique formulations and proven outcomes, HiCare Health’s leisure products truly are the superior choice for those who enjoy getting out and about.

Custom products

Are you interested in developing your own line-up of superior travel and leisure products? HiCare Health is pleased to be able to offer private label manufacture.