HiCare EcoBath

Economical Disposable Bathing Wipes

HiCare EcoBath is an economical and highly effective disposable waterless bathing solution. They are efficient and hygienic and help to prevent infection and cross contamination which can occur with traditional bed bathing methods.

Superior construction and formulation

We’re committed to providing the very best quality products which you can truly rely on. Unlike the thin construction of some other competitor brands, HiCare EcoBath wipes feature a thicker, needle punched non-woven fabric, and each wipe is impregnated with a clear and colourless liquid which has a fresh and ‘green’ odour. Sturdy and soft, HiCare EcoBath leaves the patient’s skin feeling clean and refreshed without any sensation of residue.

Better for patients and their skin

Specifically and carefully developed for long-term bed-bound patients in both hospitals and aged care facilities, HiCare EcoBath does not promote microbial growth, and does not require the use of water, a basin, soap, or towels. Unlike high pH soap which can strip lipids from the skin and put patients at risk of pressure ulcers, each HiCare EcoBath wipe is pH balanced, free of alcohol, soap and latex, and contains moisturisers and emollients to nourish and protect the skin.

There is no build-up left on the skin by repeat use of HiCare EcoBath; any residue is removed by the wipes and the nurturing solution is re-applied. Unless directed, there is no need to apply a moisturiser following the bath. Patients and nursing staff alike will be able to feel the difference these ingredients make to the skin. Further to this, our unique and superior formula contains only minimal chemical preservatives, making them healthier for everyone involved.

Designed for comfort

For the long-term bed-bound, comfort might feel like a distant memory. By using HiCare Health products, it is possible to provide these patients or residents with enhanced comfort and a higher standard of care.

HiCare EcoBath wipes can be either warmed in the microwave or warm water, or even cooled in the refrigerator to add a little bit of extra comfort to their bathing routine. They can also be used straight from the packet. We recommend asking the patient how they would like their bath prepared.

Better staff and patient safety

Because HiCare EcoBath wipes eliminate the need for water, basins and soap in the ward, they also provide an excellent boost to the health and safety of the workplace.

Better for your bottom line

HiCare Health’s products can provide your facility with a saving of about 50% in both the time and cost of bathing bed-bound patients.

Clinical application

  • HiCare EcoBath 4s are ideal for use as a partial bath, or for post-operative washing.
  • HiCare EcoBath 8s are for use when a full body wash is required.
  • This product should not be used for wound cleansing.

The benefits of using HiCare’s EcoBath Wipes:

Reduces risk of pressure ulcers

Saving approx 50% in both time & costs

pH balanced

Alcohol, soap and latex free

Emollient & skin vitamin keeps skin soft, protected

Resealable packs

Australian owned

Formulated in our Sydney laboratory

HiCare’s Bath & EcoBath product user guide

Further Documentation regarding HiCare’s EcoBath Products

Helpful Links

National Home Care Orders (for consumers)

2010 research into the treatment and prevention of skin tears (Sharp Clinical Solutions; Authors – Kate Sharp and Eileen Wilkins).

HiCare Health Bath is advocated (in part) for skin tear treatment and prevention. The Centres’ studies are freely downloadable.